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What We Offer


Edify group is the only organization that will provide “Easy to learn education methodology” and skill developing program few of cost for each and every state of children by introducing the concept of ABACUS and Rubik's cube in the mind of children. The motive of our institution is to increase the intelligence sharpness, mental quickness and mental capacity by giving them the basic fundamental of subject matter with innovative, motivation and systematic approach. For better out comes we will be conducting competitions for kids in every few months . By organizing these .

  • Separate learning Strategy For Weak Student.

  • Provide Study Material For Easy Learning.

  • Easy to Learn Education Methodology.

  • Augmentation Of Child one step ahead.

  • Regular competition for Kids in every Few months.

Our Programme


ABACUS is a simple device for calculating, consisting of a frame with rows of wires or groves along with beads are slides. The flat slab on top of a capital , supporting the architrave . We can say that the abacus is a simple manual calculator mostly useful for operations like addition ,subtraction ,multiplication ,and division .It can also be visualized for mental calculations. It was use in Europe, china and Russia centuries before the adoption of the written Hindu-Arabic numeral system . In India we follow (Soroban). Counting tray or Japanese abacus. The use of Abacus is still taught in Japanese elementary school , as a part of mathematics , primarily as an aid to mental calculations .using the visual imagery of soroban one can reach the answer at the same time with a physical instrument or even faster.


Brain Gym was created by Paul Dennison in the 1970's. Having grown up with severe learning challenges, Paul found that through 'movement' he could overcome these challenges, and hence Brain Gym evolved. Brain Gym is a system that uses simple movements to stimulate brain function. That is, it uses quick, easy-to-do developmental movements to wake up the brain without stress or injury. Children naturally explore these movements as they grow and mature


The RUBIK's was invented by a EUNO RUBIK in1974. It is the 3D combination Puzzle and has 6 faces with 9 cells on faces, and each faces has different colour . To solve the Rubik's cube , you have to bring all the cubes of a certain colour to one faces of the cube and also replicate for all colours . There are numbers of interesting things about it. To begin with there are 43 quintillion, possible combination and one of these is the right salutation. It has topped the list of best selling toys of all time . Since, its creation.


Handwriting is a style or manner of writing by hand especially by which characterises a particular person or penmanship . Handwriting includes both printing and cursive style and is different from formal calligraphy or type face. Writing has very long history. It began as simple pictograph drawn on a rock. Which were then combined to represent ideas and developed them into more abstract ideas .

"Handwriting is a reflection of personality"

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