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About Us

Edify group is a trust and it is working in the field of education. It is worth mentioning that edify is doing commendable Job in importing mental all around education. As well as developing mental skills and character building to its students. Edify is a platform for the students to express and enhance their mental and arithmetical skills. It will give them opportunity to exhibit their hidden talent and boost them up for their flourishing tomorrow.

"education is for improving the lives of others and for leaving your community and world better than you found it."

Our Mission

Edify group will develop a different kind of skill our mission is to contribute a lot in providing the high quality mental arithmetic based education. So that the student can perform much better in the field of education in the most congenial and healthy environment. The modern education has undergone a lot of transformation in the present scenario and the role of developing fundamentals of mathematics has also changed significantly. In order to find a concrete solutions to the issues related to mathematics . Edify embraces a new vision i.e. to increase the mental ability as well as to promote hidden potential of a children.

Our Vision

Edify vision is to bring out innate qualities of the children and put forth their academic issues without any lurking fear of failure, our objective is to empower students with ideal and quality education. After all the teacher of our institution will take full training from our experts. Then they include themselves in the field of teaching. Our teaching technique is well illustrated with study-material ,step-wise solved example and adequate practice question. It helps the children to increase the ability of a child to understand, analyse and solve the problem with accurate logical sequence. The aim of our organization is to develop the core concept of fundamental learning in encouraging and creative way.

Our Programme

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